Laser hair removal

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I did it!

Well only one session and so for a girl like me who has never waxed, it kills. I can honestly say that I screamed like never before. 

Some of you might think I am a wuss but I hate any type of pain but I try to do things that will benefit me in the future. 

Soo I got my armpits and my Brazilian done. I was so tired of shaving these two places and getting ingrown hairs. Let me tell you that it was a nasty sight. 

Honestly it doesn’t hurt when you first start but that’s because they start of with the least painful parts and it just keeps getting more intense.

Story time 

But it’s a quick and crappy story so I won’t bore you to death (too much).  

First I walked in and she quickly talked me through because she was running late but I didn’t mind because she was very nice. I then stripped and she marked my areas of the hair she would remove in sections so that she could take breaks when it got too intense. 

She explained that the laser would get hot and so because of that they would use a cooler and make it would make the pain bearable. 

She tested a couple of hairs on my arm but because I felt no pain I thought this will be done in no time.  No 

She went on to start with my armpits and it was intense but bearable but when she started the Brazilian, I knew with the hairs being so tough, I was going to suffer  and be in a lot of pain.  

And so I ended up screaming, shouting and crying because my hairs was so damn tough. I lied I wasn’t screaming but I wanted to use the rule of three. It makes a sentence more interesting. 

That the end. 


Relationships goals with a dip


My picture looks pretty, I took it in Mexico hehe.  

Because of the title, I’m sure most of you will think I’m going to talk about couples. EH EH wrong answer.  I’m going to talk about the relationships we or well I have with my family and friends. 

Some people might think they have great friends and family and so there are no problems but there’s always some. How you go about the problems is how you determine good relations with those you love. 

I say love because you love your family unconditionally. A friend is a very strong word so when I use it, it means they are basically family so I love them too. 

Sometimes I get mad at my family and friends but I don’t want to loose them and because of that, I try to forgive and forget. I used to have a really bad habit of ignoring both my friends and family when they got on my nerve.  To be honest, it ruined quite a few of my relationships with them. 

I’m sure I have anger issues because when I get angry at them, I feel so bitter and my mood will switch so easily. My mum tells me all the time that I need to calm down but it isn’t as easy as she makes it seem. Sometimes she is the source of my anger. 

When I’m angry at someone I usually do three things; I will go deadly silent. Thats when you know if you keep on talking I will  at one point shout at you. Or I will say I’m going to talk to you later, when I say that it means I will avoid you at all costs. Or I will act normal and Disappear at one stage. You will not hear from me. You will think I never existed. 

All of which are bad examples of things to do when you are angry. I’m not going to say what everyone says which is to talk to the person because let’s face it; sometimes you just want the person to move away from you. Instead just reflect. Think how could I solve this situation in a way that makes everyone feel good at the end. 

But never, I repeat never stay silent. It just causes you to get angry every time you think of it. So I say think, reflect then act. It will help you to know the right things to say and not get in a puzzle. 

That is one of the ways to keep a relationship strong. There are many more things I can say about relationships with family and friends but let me just fly away because Mother Nature is taking me to the land where I can be who I want to be.

Peace out 

Young, wild and supposedly free

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Say you were 10 years old and someone told you that you’re young, so go wild and be free; what would you think? What would you feel? How are you aupposed to respond to that? 

I can’t give you the answer because I don’t know myself. I was never asked that question but I was told that I was young, wild and should be free. 

I’m not going to get all political because to be honest, that ain’t me. Even now I class myself as young and compared to many bloggers and writers on here, I really am but I’m learning.

That’s my point here like… Hello. No matter what age we are, we are free (to a certain extent) so let’s enjoy what we have now. Go wild, go on adventures. Climb a mountain. Visit the northern lights. There’s so much you can do. Before you complain about money, there’s this thing called getting a job oh wait! There’s another thing called saving. Try them both and they should work out in your favour. 

Just trying something fun even if it’s just going to the park for a nice walk. The smallest things count. So be young, wild and I guess free. 

Don’t let anything stop you! or maybe just … Naa just bored


Sometimes when you get bored it might be good to read a good book. I love a good book but sometimes you’re eyes get tired of reading so what can you do. Well you can always invite a friend round to annoy but there’s always a catch. Right now my friend has lost her work due to her laptop crashing and guess what? She’s got a deadline tomorrow so she’s no fun right now. We are just chilling in silence. Well I am so that’s why I’m here… Bored. 

Back to my boredom lessons. Read a book or when you don’t want to, join tinder and have fun. I did it and you know what, even if you are a shy person, it really doesn’t matter because you don’t need to meet them. Just talk. You could sing and record yourself singing. Guys can do it to! It’s fun and doesn’t require anyone except your families that might have to listen to the ugly sounds you create (just kidding… or am I?)

Watch buzz feed videos or watch a movie and just going on a fat diet. If you’re boring just go to bed. That’s what I’m about to do. I can’t stand this silence, I need my lappy. 

Now I am ranting but anyways, I want you all to be bored with me so we can be bored together and share our boring experiences. Tell me what you do when you’re bored. I really want to know. No joke! So don’t be mean, pass on your boredom or don’t and be bored foreveeeerrrrrr (insert echo here)